Making Storage Work For You

5 Tips For Storing Art In A Storage Unit

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If you have a lot of paintings and other art pieces, you probably want to take the best care of them you can. However, you might need to store your artwork in a storage unit for a few reasons; you might be moving, or you might not have the space in your home right now. Regardless, you could be worried about keeping your favorite pieces in a storage unit, but you shouldn’t be. If you follow these tips, your artwork should stay in great shape while it’s being stored. 1. Opt for a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit First of all, you...

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Three Advantages Of Signing A Long-Term Storage Lease

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When looking into a new self-storage facility, you’ll often be given the option of either renting month-to-month or signing a long-term storage lease. Just as with an apartment, renting a self-storage unit long-term conveys some benefits that renting month-to-month may not offer. Long-term storage leases are generally given on an annual basis, with three month or six month leases being available but rare. 1. You’re Guaranteed a Locked-In Price If you rent month-to-month, you may find your storage prices going up over time. With a...

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3 Myths About Using Local Moving Companies

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If you have a move coming up this summer, instead of stressing over the move and doing it by yourself, consider hiring a local moving company. Make sure you don’t let common myths, like the three listed below, hold you back from hiring a local moving company. Like all myths, the ones listed below are not true. Myth #1: Local Moving Companies Overcharge Many people don’t even give local moving companies a chance because they believe they are going to be overcharged. If you take the time to actually look into the pricing structure...

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Four Key Benefits Of Decluttering Your Space

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Renting a unit at a self storage facility allows you to get the possessions that you seldom use out of sight and out of mind without discarding them. And while storing your old family heirlooms, sentimental items and that box of love letters from your teenage years can lead to a clutter-free home, you might be so busy decluttering that you haven’t had a chance to realize the benefits of doing so. Rest assured, that list is long. Here are some important reasons to store what you don’t need. Breathe a Sigh of Relief If you find that...

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How To Get Your Furniture Ready For A Move

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Moving can be stressful, especially when you consider the things that could go wrong. You could lose treasured possessions or have them destroyed. One way to reduce the stress of moving is to make a plan for dealing with having your furniture damaged. Furniture is one of the most expensive things that people keep in their home and it is not easily replaced. To make sure that your furniture makes it through the move safely, follow these three steps. 1. Clean Your Furniture Before you pack your furniture for the move, be sure to clean it...

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3 Easy Tips To Make Storing Your Loved One’s Possessions Easier

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When your elderly loved one is no longer able to care for their own personal care and must leave their home, there is a good chance that what they own will have to be placed in safe keeping. It is not ideal to leave a home standing without a full-time resident, which means that you may be left with not only helping your family member transition to a nursing home, but taking care of their home and belongings as well. In such an instance, self storage may be an ideal solution to store your family member’s things. Here are three easy tips...

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3 Ways To Dissuade Pests From Infesting Your Self Storage Unit

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Self storage is incredibly helpful. Whether you are trying to organize the clutter in your home, keep your belongings safe while you’re away in college, or plan a large scale event, self storage allows you to keep your belongings accessible in an affordable manner. You also want to make sure your items are safe from pests, especially because you cannot predict if or when they could invade. Here are three ways to dissuade pests from infesting your self storage unit. Use cedar and lavender to repel moths. Moths can wreak havoc on your...

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5 Considerations Before Committing To Renting A Storage Unit

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Having access to more storage space can be a great way to get your home organized and free of extra clutter, but it can be difficult to know what to expect if you’ve never rented a storage unit. Along with considering the location of the storage facility and their rates, you’ll want to get as many details as possible to ensure that the rental at a facility like Controlled Storage Systems goes smoothly. Duration of the Rental Whether you’re using a storage unit as a temporary solution while getting home remodeling work...

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Helping Your Teenager Cope With A Long-Distance Move

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Teenagers often have a difficult time controlling their emotions on a daily basis, and it’s even harder for them to deal with drastic life changes. So, don’t be surprised if your teenager isn’t thrilled when you tell her that your family is moving out of state. To her, moving away from her friends and extended family may seem like a death sentence. Prepare yourself for the worst, and use these tips to help your teen cope with your family’s long-distance move. Breaking the News Even though it isn’t going to be...

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3 Places To Search For Hidden Treasures

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You must admit – at some point in your life, you have probably dreamed of finding a stash of treasure hidden away by bandits or pirates of yesteryear. While you may dismiss it as a farfetched dream, valuable treasures do turn up at some of the most unexpected times in the most unexpected places. Here are a few tried and true places to search. Picture frames Not all treasure is in the form of hard, cold cash; it might be hanging on your wall. One man hit upon hidden riches when he paid $4 for a painting at a flea market because he liked the...

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