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6 Things Professional Movers Wish You Knew

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Hiring professional movers to transport all of your possessions from your old home to your new home is extremely convenient. While you can count on the movers to do most of the work, there are things you can do to make the moving process a little easier. In fact, here are six things every professional mover wishes you knew. 1. Prepare For The Move Beforehand Do not wait until 15 minutes before the moving truck is supposed to arrive to figure out the best approach to make the move go smoothly. Is the street in front of your home busy and difficult to get a parking space? If so, you are going to want to make sure you reserve a spot for the moving truck. Do you live somewhere such as an apartment that has designated moving hours? If so, you need to make sure you schedule the moves to come during those set hours. You should also inform the movers beforehand if you have a piece of furniture or a possession that is particularly heavy, such as a piano or a dryer. The movers need this information to determine how many people they need to bring with them to get the job done. You do not want the movers to have to waste time trying to get a third pair of hands to help with the move. 2. Finish Packing Before Moving Day If you have decided not to hiring the moving company to also do your packing, you should have the packing completed before the moving company arrives. This means there should not be boxes scattered, opened, and partially packed all over your home. Your boxes need to be filled, taped, stacked, and ready to move. If you are paying the movers by the hour, you are just going to end up costing yourself more money if you are still packing after the moving company arrives. 3. Label The Boxes There is no reason for you to write down a detailed list of every single item in a box. But, it is a good idea to label a box with what room it is intended to go in. This will give your movers an idea of what to do with the box when they get it to your new home. This is also going to make unpacking and putting things away a lot less stressful on you. 4. Tell The Movers When Something is Valuable Movers are not mind readers. They have no way of knowing that box labeled bedroom has a thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry packed inside. An easy way to do this is to label your valuable and fragile boxes. Then, you just need to make sure the movers know some of your boxes are labeled fragile and/or valuable because you want a little extra care taken with them. 5. Move Out of The Way You have to keep in mind when you hire a moving company to move your items from your old home to your new home, you are paying them to do so. You might mean well as you are loading boxes onto the moving truck or trying to reorganize boxes the movers have already moved. Unfortunately, you are just interrupting the process the movers are used to using. Just let...

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The Most Important Benefits Of A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

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If you are trying to decide which type of storage unit is going to be the best choice for your needs, you may want to make sure the one you go with is climate controlled. Not all units offer climate control, and while it may be cheaper to go with one that doesn’t offer it, you may find it end up costing you more in the long run. Read this article to learn about the benefits that come with a climate controlled storage unit. You won’t need to worry about your candles and other wax items There’s a good chance that you have more wax items than you may realize. Along with all your candles and crayons, any knickknacks with wax accents, wax decorative fruits and even your cooking wax are all susceptible to melting on a hot day in a storage unit without climate control. There’s no way to pack them that will protect them from melting. They can melt on your other items and destroy them. You won’t take the chance of your paintings getting heat damage Older paintings can be fragile and a bit brittle. These paintings shouldn’t be exposed to prolonged heat or cold. Extreme temperatures can make the material more brittle and increase the likeliness of the paintings getting damaged. Your furniture will be better off Upholstered furniture will also be better off in a climate controlled environment. If you’ve ever seen patio furniture that’s showing signs of heat damage, you may have noticed how it can become extremely dry and the fabric will crack and rip. This is a good example of why furniture should be kept in a place with a mild temperature. Your electronics won’t be ruined A lot of your electronics aren’t designed to withstand extreme temperatures. This means some of them may not work properly, or won’t work at all, if they were left in an excessively hot or cold storage unit. You’ll have a more comfortable environment When you need to go into your storage unit, you will have a comfortable environment to look for your items in. Plus, it will be much easier on you to move all your items if you aren’t suffering in the heat or freezing in the cold. Once you find the right climate controlled storage unit for your items, you can rest assured that you aren’t going to take them out only to find that extreme temperatures has caused many of them to become damaged. To get started searching, contact a company like Redondo Van &...

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On The Move: How To Make The Process Much Smoother With Kids

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Moving is one of the most stressful events, especially if you have kids who don’t truly understand. They’re scared and have a ton of questions. As a parent, there are a few things that you can do to help your children adjust to the fact that they’re moving and reduce their stress around the entire process. Read on to learn more. Get Them Involved in the Move Children aren’t too keen on moving because they are leaving the home that they’ve grown up in, the friends that they have made, the school that they have learned in and all of their most familiar, comforting surroundings. However, by involving them in the entire move, you can help smooth things over. Take Them With You House Hunting – Whether you’re moving a few cities over or across the country, you have to find a new house. You can do the bulk of the work on your own and narrow down the selections to two or three. Once you’ve done this, take your children with you to scope them out. Let them see which room may be theirs and allow them to explore the backyard. This may be able to spark their interest and ease their fears.   Have Them Draw Their Room – Once you’ve gone to see the houses that you may be purchasing, have your child draw a picture of how they would like their room to look. This can include colors, decor, bedding and anything else that they want. This is a great way to encourage their imagination and get their mind off of what they’ll be leaving behind.   Let Your Children “Run” the Garage Sale – Most people will declutter and have a garage sale to get rid of things that they don’t need or don’t want at the new house. Let your children help with this. You can let them help you make flyers to put up around town, attach price tags and even sit at the cash box. They may not truly be in charge, but they’ll sure feel like they are.   Give Your Children a Job on Moving Day – When the day to move arrives, make sure your children have a job to do. Whether this is to clean, label boxes or take care of the dog, make sure they have something age-appropriate that they can do. This will help them feel needed, and again, keep their mind off of what’s going on. The aforementioned tips can really help your child enjoy moving and calm most of their fears. Sure, they probably still won’t want to leave, but they may be a little easier going than they would have been had you not allowed them to do all of these fun things. As for the actual moving, leave that to the professionals so that you have one less thing to worry about. One company you can call is Men On The...

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Safe Long-Term Storage Of Wood Furniture

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If you need to put your high-quality wood furniture into storage while you are out of the country on business, then special care must be taken to avoid damage caused by: cracks mold  scratches To safely store your wood furniture, follow these important tips: Tip: Polish all Wood Furniture Before Storing It As wood furniture sits in storage its wood will naturally dry out. When wood dries, it has the tendency to crack. To prevent cracking, you should apply a liberal coat of high-quality furniture polish on every surface. The furniture polish serves two purposes: it adds moisture to the wood it helps hold existing moisture in the wood Tip: Rent a Humidity and Temperature Controlled Storage Unit When storing high-end wood furniture, it is always a wise move to rent a storage unit that is both temperature and humidity controlled. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity cause wood to crack as it is continually expanding with heat and then contracting in the colder temperatures. Additionally, too much humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth on any bare wood, such as the wood inside of drawers and under tables. Tip: Never Store Items on Top of Wood Furniture While you may be tempted to save on storage fees by stacking other items on top of your wood furniture, this can lead to damage. Stacking heavy items on top of wood furniture for an extended period of time can lead to structural damage from cracking. Additionally, the items stacked on top of your furniture can cause scratches when you are moving them on and off of their resting place. Tip: Always Cover Wood Furniture in Storage Wood furniture should always be covered when it is inside of your storage unit using one of these options: moving blankets furniture pads drop clothes You should never cover wood furniture in plastic sheeting. Plastic does not breathe and can cause condensation to build up and drip onto your furniture, ruining its surface. Also, moisture will cause the wood to swell and can also lead to mold and mildew growth. Conclusion Now that you know how to properly store your high-quality wood furniture in your storage unit, you can leave the country and know that when you return your furniture will be just like the day you left it. If you have additional questions about storing your items in long-term storage, speak with a sales representative at your local moving and storage company. Contact a company like Bekins Van Lines Inc. with any questions you...

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5 Tips For Storing Art In A Storage Unit

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If you have a lot of paintings and other art pieces, you probably want to take the best care of them you can. However, you might need to store your artwork in a storage unit for a few reasons; you might be moving, or you might not have the space in your home right now. Regardless, you could be worried about keeping your favorite pieces in a storage unit, but you shouldn’t be. If you follow these tips, your artwork should stay in great shape while it’s being stored. 1. Opt for a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit First of all, you have probably already found that some units are climate-controlled while others are not. Make sure you opt for a climate-controlled option for your artwork; otherwise, humidity and heat could damage your beautiful pieces. 2. Prepare Each Piece Make sure each of your pieces is properly prepared before you put it in storage. Add cardboard backing to help provide extra support, cover up the edges of your frames to prevent them from getting broken and consider using breathable fabric drop cloths to cover up each piece and protect it from dirt, dust and other elements. 3. Lift Off of the Floor Don’t store your artwork on the floor; it could get dirty, plus, if there is a flood, it will surely get ruined. Instead, use pallets underneath your pieces to help elevate them so they are not on the floor of your storage unit. 4. Store Upright Do not lie your pieces flat on the floor or pallets in your storage unit. If you stack your pieces on top of one another, you could cause damage to the pieces at the bottom due to the added weight. Instead, stand up your pieces upright, much like if they were in a filing cabinet, and use pieces of glass to separate them so the colors don’t run from one piece to another. 5. Choose a Secure Unit Make sure you look for a storage unit that provides added security, such as burglar alarms, a fence and ample lighting. This will help prevent your pieces from getting stolen. You can also ask someone from your storage company about putting insurance coverage on your artwork and other items in your storage unit. It is entirely possible to preserve your artwork while storing it in a storage unit, like one at Colfax West Self Storage. Follow these five tips if you want to keep it in the best shape...

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Three Advantages Of Signing A Long-Term Storage Lease

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When looking into a new self-storage facility, you’ll often be given the option of either renting month-to-month or signing a long-term storage lease. Just as with an apartment, renting a self-storage unit long-term conveys some benefits that renting month-to-month may not offer. Long-term storage leases are generally given on an annual basis, with three month or six month leases being available but rare. 1. You’re Guaranteed a Locked-In Price If you rent month-to-month, you may find your storage prices going up over time. With a long-term storage lease, you’re usually locked in to a single price; you’ll be able to secure the price for the entire term of the lease. If you already know that you will need a storage unit for that amount of time, you can save a lot of money this way. (Note that if you decide to change or upgrade your unit, the locked-in price usually won’t remain.) 2. You Can Get a Significant Discount When you sign a storage lease, you usually prepay for the entirety of the time all at once. When doing this, you usually get a substantial discount. You may only pay a fraction of what you would have paid month-to-month, or you may get the last months of your lease free, depending on the self-storage facility. Don’t be afraid to negotiate your rates if you’re paying for a large amount of time.   3. You Don’t Need to Worry About Scheduled Payments Because you pay for your long-term lease in advance, you don’t have to worry about potentially being late. If you’re a forgetful person — or if you just prefer to manage your bills simply — this can be critical, because items that become delinquent in a self-storage facility can be auctioned off. The amount of time it takes for a storage facility to auction off items will depend on your location, but once they are auctioned they usually cannot be recovered. Even if you sign a long-term storage lease, you’ll often still have the ability to switch storage sizes later on if you find that your current storage needs are not sufficient. Not all self-storage facilities require long-term leases, but most will give you the benefits (such as discounts) if you are willing to prepay for more months ahead of time. Every storage facility is different, so make sure you read the long-term lease carefully — in particular, the clauses regarding canceling the service if it becomes...

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3 Myths About Using Local Moving Companies

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If you have a move coming up this summer, instead of stressing over the move and doing it by yourself, consider hiring a local moving company. Make sure you don’t let common myths, like the three listed below, hold you back from hiring a local moving company. Like all myths, the ones listed below are not true. Myth #1: Local Moving Companies Overcharge Many people don’t even give local moving companies a chance because they believe they are going to be overcharged. If you take the time to actually look into the pricing structure of a local moving company, you’ll find that local moving companies do not charge more than large corporate moving companies. More often than not, you’ll discover that local moving companies charge less because they don’t have the same overhead costs to deal with that local moving companies do.   Myth #2: Local Moving Companies Are Understaffed Another conception many people have is that local moving companies do not have the same manpower that larger moving companies have. This is not true. Local moving companies base their hiring practices on how much business is coming in. Local moving companies are aware that the warm weather season is one of the most popular times to move, and increase their staff to accommodate the increase in moving requests. If you hire a local moving company to move your belongings, they will make sure that  they have enough employees on hand to successfully complete your move. Myth #3: Local Moving Companies Don’t Offer The Same Specialized Services As Other Moving Companies Finally, many people wrongly believe that local moving companies can only move your belongings, and don’t offer the same specialized services that large moving companies do. In fact, local moving companies can pack up all of your belongings just like a larger moving company can. Many local moving companies actually offer more options since they are able to work closely with their local customers. Don’t fall for the three myths listed above about local moving companies. Local moving companies charge fair prices, have plenty of employees and can work with you to create a custom moving plan. If you are moving this summer, instead of using a large or out-of-state moving company, consider directing your business to a local moving company that can give you a personalized touch and can provide you with all the moving service you need.  If you’re looking for a local moving service, visit Easy Moving &...

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Four Key Benefits Of Decluttering Your Space

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Renting a unit at a self storage facility allows you to get the possessions that you seldom use out of sight and out of mind without discarding them. And while storing your old family heirlooms, sentimental items and that box of love letters from your teenage years can lead to a clutter-free home, you might be so busy decluttering that you haven’t had a chance to realize the benefits of doing so. Rest assured, that list is long. Here are some important reasons to store what you don’t need. Breathe a Sigh of Relief If you find that a decluttered room is more pleasant than one filled with junk, you’re not just using your imagination. Numerous studies have shown that living in a hectic, cluttered environment can lead people to feel stressed. After you’ve gone through your basement or home office and packed up several boxes bound for your self storage unit, return to the room and try to relax. Chances are, the room will feel lighter and less busy, which can help your mental well-being. Give the Gift of Time In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to find an opportunity to squeeze in a visit to the gym, much less a quiet afternoon spent at home. And, let’s be honest — living in a hectic environment is a real time waster. Think of the instances in which those precious minutes have ticked past as you were looking for your passport or a specific old T-shirt. Now, think of how much time you can save by decluttering and knowing exactly where everything is stored. It’s like adding an extra few minutes to your week. Clean More Efficiently Nearly everyone has grumbled about the process of trying to pass a vacuum cleaner around a cluttered room. And, let’s be honest, those hectic living spaces never really get a thorough dusting, do they? The dust that gathers in a cluttered room can be a minor health hazard, especially for those in your family with asthma. A cluttered room can also smell bad — and no matter how many air fresheners you use, you won’t get that satisfying clean smell that decluttering provides. Reap the Financial Rewards Decluttering your home can have a positive economic impact in a variety of ways. Although there’s always the chance that you’ll come across an old check you haven’t deposited or some cash or a gift card stashed in a birthday card, the more probable scenario is you’ll gain a better grasp of what you own. Ever had a toaster oven die, buy a new one to replace it and then come across a working toaster oven hiding in your garage? The decluttering process is almost guaranteed to give you money in your pocket, in one way or another. To get started with moving stuff out of your home and into a self storage space, shop around to various storage companies in your...

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How To Get Your Furniture Ready For A Move

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Moving can be stressful, especially when you consider the things that could go wrong. You could lose treasured possessions or have them destroyed. One way to reduce the stress of moving is to make a plan for dealing with having your furniture damaged. Furniture is one of the most expensive things that people keep in their home and it is not easily replaced. To make sure that your furniture makes it through the move safely, follow these three steps. 1. Clean Your Furniture Before you pack your furniture for the move, be sure to clean it thoroughly by dusting any hard parts and having any softer parts professionally cleaned. This will keep you from having to do it at home. Use a special furniture cleaning solution to prevent any accidental stains. 2. Remove All Knobs and Drawers By removing the knobs, you will prevent them from being damaged or lost. Removing the drawers will make the furniture lighter and easier to carry. Put the knobs in a safe place so that you can find them when you move. 3. Dismantle Any Furniture That You Can Do your best to dismantle any furniture that is able to be taken apart. For example, take legs off couches and chairs, take your bed frame apart, and take all of the cushions off the sofa. Smaller parts are always easier to transport and you can pack them safely without damaging them. Wrap any parts that you take off in newspaper or some other packing material and set them aside. If you’re worried about reassembling the furniture, use tape to mark where each piece goes to make the process easier. 4. Bubble Wrap the Rest of Your Furniture Go to a shipping store and purchase the largest roll of bubble wrap that you can find. Once you have it, attach one end to the first piece of furniture that you’d like to wrap. Then, start rolling the bubble wrap around the furniture. Once the sides have been covered, do the same to the top and bottom. This will prevent your furniture from being scratched and from scratching other pieces of furniture. Repeat until all pieces of furniture have been wrapped. 5. Use the Remaining Bubble Wrap on Glass Finally, use the rest of your bubble wrap on any mirrors or glass that you are taking with you to prevent those from being damaged. For more assistance with your move, call a professional moving company like Walsh Moving &...

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3 Easy Tips To Make Storing Your Loved One’s Possessions Easier

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When your elderly loved one is no longer able to care for their own personal care and must leave their home, there is a good chance that what they own will have to be placed in safe keeping. It is not ideal to leave a home standing without a full-time resident, which means that you may be left with not only helping your family member transition to a nursing home, but taking care of their home and belongings as well. In such an instance, self storage may be an ideal solution to store your family member’s things. Here are three easy tips to make the process easier. 1. Distribute What You Can to Family Members When an elderly family member goes into a nursing home, it is likely that the change will be indefinite or even permanent. Therefore, a sad fact is that they may never return to their home and their belongings. It is best to talk to your elderly loved one openly about this fact and allow them to make decisions about personal property they would like to give to other people in the family. This can drastically reduce the amount of items you have to place in storage, and your loved one will get the chance to see how appreciative the people in their life will be to receive something from them. 2. Hold an Estate Sale to Help Pay for Expenses A lifetime’s worth of personal belongings can mount up to a lot of items to be placed in storage when your loved one moves to a nursing home. Therefore, you may have to rent more than one storage space just to keep everything contained. Holding an estate sale can help eliminate those items that are no longer needed and help cover the costs of self storage. 3. Pack Items According to the Will It may sound disconcerting, but it can be quite helpful for you to have some knowledge of will delegations when you are packing your loved one’s belongings for storage. This will allow you to separate the belongings into containers according to how it should be distributed when your loved one passes on. This will make storage much more organized and easy to break down later on. It can seem like an overwhelming feat to take be in charge of moving your elderly family member’s personal belongings into storage. Use these three tips to help make the process a little easier to handle. For more tips, you may want to contact a local storage company like Falmouth Self...

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