3 Places To Search For Hidden Treasures

16 March 2015
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You must admit – at some point in your life, you have probably dreamed of finding a stash of treasure hidden away by bandits or pirates of yesteryear. While you may dismiss it as a farfetched dream, valuable treasures do turn up at some of the most unexpected times in the most unexpected places. Here are a few tried and true places to search.

Picture frames

Not all treasure is in the form of hard, cold cash; it might be hanging on your wall. One man hit upon hidden riches when he paid $4 for a painting at a flea market because he liked the ornate frame. Taking the painting apart, he found a folded copy of the Declaration of Independence behind the painting. Finding the painting and the frame worthless, he discarded them both but decided to keep the copy of the Declaration of Independence. He went on to find that it was one of the original 500 copies made in the 1700s when the USA was in her baby stages of freedom. His copy, one of only 24 known to still exist, sold for over $2 million.

On your property

In the Depression of the early 1900s, our ancestors had a healthy distrust of banks. As a result, they would often hide valuables on or in their property, stashing money or valuables in walls, under fence posts, or buried near a tree. Likewise, bandits would hide their loot, then be unable to return to claim it. One California couple spotted a partially buried can on a well-loved hiking trail on their property. Further investigation unveiled several more cans buried in the same area. All of them were stuffed full of gold coins, the total value of which is estimated to be $10 million.

Storage units

It is a little kept secret that abandoned storage units yield some weird and wonderful items. Included among the items discovered in storage units: valuables.

  • One woman reportedly struck it rich when she found a 19th century Canadian stamp in a storage unit purchase. The stamp sold for over $30,000.
  • A California man apparently paid around $1000 for a storage unit. Inside, he found a container holding thousands of dollars' worth of old coins; $500,000 worth, to be exact.

While dreaming of finding abandoned treasures may seem like a hopeless pastime, you never know what you could come across. You may or may not find treasures, but that is all part of the thrill of the hunt. Talk to experts like Epic Group Inc for more information.