5 Considerations Before Committing To Renting A Storage Unit

17 March 2015
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Having access to more storage space can be a great way to get your home organized and free of extra clutter, but it can be difficult to know what to expect if you've never rented a storage unit. Along with considering the location of the storage facility and their rates, you'll want to get as many details as possible to ensure that the rental at a facility like Controlled Storage Systems goes smoothly.

Duration of the Rental

Whether you're using a storage unit as a temporary solution while getting home remodeling work done or to provide extra room when living in a small home, it's important to get a realistic idea of how long you're going to be using storage for. Some storage facilities offer discounts for potential tenants that need long-term storage and others may charge extra fees if you end your rental early.

Discussing how long you plan to rent the storage unit can help clear up any confusion with the property manager and the fees involved.  

Contents of the Storage Unit

The contents of a storage unit can vary greatly, from sentimental items to furniture or even a boat. In order to ensure that you'll have enough space and are allowed to store certain items at the facility, you'll want to share what you intend on placing in storage with the facility manager.

Temperature Controlled

Being able to control the temperature inside the storage unit can make a big difference in the condition off your items over time, making it important to look for this feature when visiting storage facilities. While some storage facilities charge extra for climate control, you'll be confident knowing that your belongings are free of extreme heat and cold.

Security Features

Regardless of what you're putting in storage, it can be reassuring to know that the facility has security set up. Features such as surveillance cameras, security guards, and a locked entry gate can all help give you peace of mind that your items are safe in storage.

Property Insurance for the Unit

Even with top-notch security at the storage unit, it's a bad idea to let your items stay at a storage facility with no insurance. Whether you get insurance through the storage facility or by getting it from your home insurer, your items can be in good hands when you have insurance that covers the value of your items.

As you look into renting a storage unit, it's important to know what you're getting into and what extra fees you should request. By taking your time before signing the paperwork and moving your items in, you can be sure that your storage unit suits all of your needs.