3 Ways To Dissuade Pests From Infesting Your Self Storage Unit

18 March 2015
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Self storage is incredibly helpful. Whether you are trying to organize the clutter in your home, keep your belongings safe while you're away in college, or plan a large scale event, self storage allows you to keep your belongings accessible in an affordable manner. You also want to make sure your items are safe from pests, especially because you cannot predict if or when they could invade. Here are three ways to dissuade pests from infesting your self storage unit.

Use cedar and lavender to repel moths.

Moths can wreak havoc on your paper and textile goods. The last thing you want to discover when you are visiting your storage unit is that moths have been taking bites out of your clothing, furniture, and documents. Keep moths away by soaking cotton balls in lavender oil. The strong floral scent naturally repels these winged pests, and as a bonus, it keeps your storage unit smelling fresh. You can also dissuade moths from entering your storage unit by using cedar chips. Simply put a handful of them into your stored clothing's pockets or in the appropriate storage container.

Turn mice away from your storage unit with charcoal.

Mice see your storage unit and think that it is an excellent place to bed down and breed. Not only do mice find shelter in cozy, dry storage units, but they also can damage your clothing and paper goods to make nesting material. They can also leave unsightly and unclean droppings. You can turn mice away from your storage unit by using a bucket of charcoal briquettes. These are inexpensive and easy to replace, and mice can't stand their smell. Keeping mice away is as easy as replacing the bucket of charcoal briquettes by the doorway every few weeks.

Airtight plastic containers keep pests from causing damage.

In case you cannot prevent pests from entering your storage unit, you should develop a game plan to keep them from damaging your belongings. This can easily be accomplished by packing away your items in airtight plastic storage containers. These containers are especially great when it comes to keeping mold from developing on your items. Mold is a pest that cannot be easily detected until it is too late. Spores can travel in on your clothes or in the air, land on your belongings, and spread. Plastic containers keep your belongings cool and dry, leeching the life out of any potential mold.

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