3 Easy Tips To Make Storing Your Loved One's Possessions Easier

20 April 2015
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When your elderly loved one is no longer able to care for their own personal care and must leave their home, there is a good chance that what they own will have to be placed in safe keeping. It is not ideal to leave a home standing without a full-time resident, which means that you may be left with not only helping your family member transition to a nursing home, but taking care of their home and belongings as well. In such an instance, self storage may be an ideal solution to store your family member's things. Here are three easy tips to make the process easier.

1. Distribute What You Can to Family Members

When an elderly family member goes into a nursing home, it is likely that the change will be indefinite or even permanent. Therefore, a sad fact is that they may never return to their home and their belongings. It is best to talk to your elderly loved one openly about this fact and allow them to make decisions about personal property they would like to give to other people in the family. This can drastically reduce the amount of items you have to place in storage, and your loved one will get the chance to see how appreciative the people in their life will be to receive something from them.

2. Hold an Estate Sale to Help Pay for Expenses

A lifetime's worth of personal belongings can mount up to a lot of items to be placed in storage when your loved one moves to a nursing home. Therefore, you may have to rent more than one storage space just to keep everything contained. Holding an estate sale can help eliminate those items that are no longer needed and help cover the costs of self storage.

3. Pack Items According to the Will

It may sound disconcerting, but it can be quite helpful for you to have some knowledge of will delegations when you are packing your loved one's belongings for storage. This will allow you to separate the belongings into containers according to how it should be distributed when your loved one passes on. This will make storage much more organized and easy to break down later on.

It can seem like an overwhelming feat to take be in charge of moving your elderly family member's personal belongings into storage. Use these three tips to help make the process a little easier to handle.

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