How To Get Your Furniture Ready For A Move

12 May 2015
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Moving can be stressful, especially when you consider the things that could go wrong. You could lose treasured possessions or have them destroyed. One way to reduce the stress of moving is to make a plan for dealing with having your furniture damaged. Furniture is one of the most expensive things that people keep in their home and it is not easily replaced. To make sure that your furniture makes it through the move safely, follow these three steps.

1. Clean Your Furniture

Before you pack your furniture for the move, be sure to clean it thoroughly by dusting any hard parts and having any softer parts professionally cleaned. This will keep you from having to do it at home. Use a special furniture cleaning solution to prevent any accidental stains.

2. Remove All Knobs and Drawers

By removing the knobs, you will prevent them from being damaged or lost. Removing the drawers will make the furniture lighter and easier to carry. Put the knobs in a safe place so that you can find them when you move.

3. Dismantle Any Furniture That You Can

Do your best to dismantle any furniture that is able to be taken apart. For example, take legs off couches and chairs, take your bed frame apart, and take all of the cushions off the sofa. Smaller parts are always easier to transport and you can pack them safely without damaging them. Wrap any parts that you take off in newspaper or some other packing material and set them aside. If you're worried about reassembling the furniture, use tape to mark where each piece goes to make the process easier.

4. Bubble Wrap the Rest of Your Furniture

Go to a shipping store and purchase the largest roll of bubble wrap that you can find. Once you have it, attach one end to the first piece of furniture that you'd like to wrap. Then, start rolling the bubble wrap around the furniture. Once the sides have been covered, do the same to the top and bottom. This will prevent your furniture from being scratched and from scratching other pieces of furniture. Repeat until all pieces of furniture have been wrapped.

5. Use the Remaining Bubble Wrap on Glass

Finally, use the rest of your bubble wrap on any mirrors or glass that you are taking with you to prevent those from being damaged.

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