Four Key Benefits Of Decluttering Your Space

28 May 2015
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Renting a unit at a self storage facility allows you to get the possessions that you seldom use out of sight and out of mind without discarding them. And while storing your old family heirlooms, sentimental items and that box of love letters from your teenage years can lead to a clutter-free home, you might be so busy decluttering that you haven't had a chance to realize the benefits of doing so. Rest assured, that list is long. Here are some important reasons to store what you don't need.

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

If you find that a decluttered room is more pleasant than one filled with junk, you're not just using your imagination. Numerous studies have shown that living in a hectic, cluttered environment can lead people to feel stressed. After you've gone through your basement or home office and packed up several boxes bound for your self storage unit, return to the room and try to relax. Chances are, the room will feel lighter and less busy, which can help your mental well-being.

Give the Gift of Time

In today's busy world, it can be difficult to find an opportunity to squeeze in a visit to the gym, much less a quiet afternoon spent at home. And, let's be honest -- living in a hectic environment is a real time waster. Think of the instances in which those precious minutes have ticked past as you were looking for your passport or a specific old T-shirt. Now, think of how much time you can save by decluttering and knowing exactly where everything is stored. It's like adding an extra few minutes to your week.

Clean More Efficiently

Nearly everyone has grumbled about the process of trying to pass a vacuum cleaner around a cluttered room. And, let's be honest, those hectic living spaces never really get a thorough dusting, do they? The dust that gathers in a cluttered room can be a minor health hazard, especially for those in your family with asthma. A cluttered room can also smell bad -- and no matter how many air fresheners you use, you won't get that satisfying clean smell that decluttering provides.

Reap the Financial Rewards

Decluttering your home can have a positive economic impact in a variety of ways. Although there's always the chance that you'll come across an old check you haven't deposited or some cash or a gift card stashed in a birthday card, the more probable scenario is you'll gain a better grasp of what you own. Ever had a toaster oven die, buy a new one to replace it and then come across a working toaster oven hiding in your garage? The decluttering process is almost guaranteed to give you money in your pocket, in one way or another.

To get started with moving stuff out of your home and into a self storage space, shop around to various storage companies in your area.