3 Myths About Using Local Moving Companies

11 June 2015
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If you have a move coming up this summer, instead of stressing over the move and doing it by yourself, consider hiring a local moving company. Make sure you don't let common myths, like the three listed below, hold you back from hiring a local moving company. Like all myths, the ones listed below are not true.

Myth #1: Local Moving Companies Overcharge

Many people don't even give local moving companies a chance because they believe they are going to be overcharged. If you take the time to actually look into the pricing structure of a local moving company, you'll find that local moving companies do not charge more than large corporate moving companies. More often than not, you'll discover that local moving companies charge less because they don't have the same overhead costs to deal with that local moving companies do.  

Myth #2: Local Moving Companies Are Understaffed

Another conception many people have is that local moving companies do not have the same manpower that larger moving companies have. This is not true. Local moving companies base their hiring practices on how much business is coming in. Local moving companies are aware that the warm weather season is one of the most popular times to move, and increase their staff to accommodate the increase in moving requests. If you hire a local moving company to move your belongings, they will make sure that  they have enough employees on hand to successfully complete your move.

Myth #3: Local Moving Companies Don't Offer The Same Specialized Services As Other Moving Companies

Finally, many people wrongly believe that local moving companies can only move your belongings, and don't offer the same specialized services that large moving companies do. In fact, local moving companies can pack up all of your belongings just like a larger moving company can. Many local moving companies actually offer more options since they are able to work closely with their local customers.

Don't fall for the three myths listed above about local moving companies. Local moving companies charge fair prices, have plenty of employees and can work with you to create a custom moving plan. If you are moving this summer, instead of using a large or out-of-state moving company, consider directing your business to a local moving company that can give you a personalized touch and can provide you with all the moving service you need. 

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