5 Tips For Storing Art In A Storage Unit

30 June 2015
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If you have a lot of paintings and other art pieces, you probably want to take the best care of them you can. However, you might need to store your artwork in a storage unit for a few reasons; you might be moving, or you might not have the space in your home right now. Regardless, you could be worried about keeping your favorite pieces in a storage unit, but you shouldn't be. If you follow these tips, your artwork should stay in great shape while it's being stored.

1. Opt for a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

First of all, you have probably already found that some units are climate-controlled while others are not. Make sure you opt for a climate-controlled option for your artwork; otherwise, humidity and heat could damage your beautiful pieces.

2. Prepare Each Piece

Make sure each of your pieces is properly prepared before you put it in storage. Add cardboard backing to help provide extra support, cover up the edges of your frames to prevent them from getting broken and consider using breathable fabric drop cloths to cover up each piece and protect it from dirt, dust and other elements.

3. Lift Off of the Floor

Don't store your artwork on the floor; it could get dirty, plus, if there is a flood, it will surely get ruined. Instead, use pallets underneath your pieces to help elevate them so they are not on the floor of your storage unit.

4. Store Upright

Do not lie your pieces flat on the floor or pallets in your storage unit. If you stack your pieces on top of one another, you could cause damage to the pieces at the bottom due to the added weight. Instead, stand up your pieces upright, much like if they were in a filing cabinet, and use pieces of glass to separate them so the colors don't run from one piece to another.

5. Choose a Secure Unit

Make sure you look for a storage unit that provides added security, such as burglar alarms, a fence and ample lighting. This will help prevent your pieces from getting stolen. You can also ask someone from your storage company about putting insurance coverage on your artwork and other items in your storage unit.

It is entirely possible to preserve your artwork while storing it in a storage unit, like one at Colfax West Self Storage. Follow these five tips if you want to keep it in the best shape possible.