Safe Long-Term Storage Of Wood Furniture

16 July 2015
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If you need to put your high-quality wood furniture into storage while you are out of the country on business, then special care must be taken to avoid damage caused by:

  • cracks
  • mold 
  • scratches

To safely store your wood furniture, follow these important tips:

Tip: Polish all Wood Furniture Before Storing It

As wood furniture sits in storage its wood will naturally dry out. When wood dries, it has the tendency to crack. To prevent cracking, you should apply a liberal coat of high-quality furniture polish on every surface. The furniture polish serves two purposes:

  1. it adds moisture to the wood
  2. it helps hold existing moisture in the wood

Tip: Rent a Humidity and Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

When storing high-end wood furniture, it is always a wise move to rent a storage unit that is both temperature and humidity controlled. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity cause wood to crack as it is continually expanding with heat and then contracting in the colder temperatures. Additionally, too much humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth on any bare wood, such as the wood inside of drawers and under tables.

Tip: Never Store Items on Top of Wood Furniture

While you may be tempted to save on storage fees by stacking other items on top of your wood furniture, this can lead to damage. Stacking heavy items on top of wood furniture for an extended period of time can lead to structural damage from cracking. Additionally, the items stacked on top of your furniture can cause scratches when you are moving them on and off of their resting place.

Tip: Always Cover Wood Furniture in Storage

Wood furniture should always be covered when it is inside of your storage unit using one of these options:

  • moving blankets
  • furniture pads
  • drop clothes

You should never cover wood furniture in plastic sheeting. Plastic does not breathe and can cause condensation to build up and drip onto your furniture, ruining its surface. Also, moisture will cause the wood to swell and can also lead to mold and mildew growth.


Now that you know how to properly store your high-quality wood furniture in your storage unit, you can leave the country and know that when you return your furniture will be just like the day you left it. If you have additional questions about storing your items in long-term storage, speak with a sales representative at your local moving and storage company.

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