On The Move: How To Make The Process Much Smoother With Kids

29 July 2015
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Moving is one of the most stressful events, especially if you have kids who don't truly understand. They're scared and have a ton of questions. As a parent, there are a few things that you can do to help your children adjust to the fact that they're moving and reduce their stress around the entire process. Read on to learn more.

Get Them Involved in the Move

Children aren't too keen on moving because they are leaving the home that they've grown up in, the friends that they have made, the school that they have learned in and all of their most familiar, comforting surroundings. However, by involving them in the entire move, you can help smooth things over.

  • Take Them With You House Hunting - Whether you're moving a few cities over or across the country, you have to find a new house. You can do the bulk of the work on your own and narrow down the selections to two or three. Once you've done this, take your children with you to scope them out. Let them see which room may be theirs and allow them to explore the backyard. This may be able to spark their interest and ease their fears.  
  • Have Them Draw Their Room - Once you've gone to see the houses that you may be purchasing, have your child draw a picture of how they would like their room to look. This can include colors, decor, bedding and anything else that they want. This is a great way to encourage their imagination and get their mind off of what they'll be leaving behind.  
  • Let Your Children "Run" the Garage Sale - Most people will declutter and have a garage sale to get rid of things that they don't need or don't want at the new house. Let your children help with this. You can let them help you make flyers to put up around town, attach price tags and even sit at the cash box. They may not truly be in charge, but they'll sure feel like they are.  
  • Give Your Children a Job on Moving Day - When the day to move arrives, make sure your children have a job to do. Whether this is to clean, label boxes or take care of the dog, make sure they have something age-appropriate that they can do. This will help them feel needed, and again, keep their mind off of what's going on.

The aforementioned tips can really help your child enjoy moving and calm most of their fears. Sure, they probably still won't want to leave, but they may be a little easier going than they would have been had you not allowed them to do all of these fun things. As for the actual moving, leave that to the professionals so that you have one less thing to worry about. One company you can call is Men On The Move.